"Our Philosophy"

The foundations of Machiavelli lie in a true passion for Italian food at its best. Authenticity and quality is our mission statement, innovation and pride in what we do is what motivates us and what has kept us striving towards excellence throughout our 15 years of thriving activity. In a day and age where we are constantly urged to move at a faster pace, Machiavelli tenaciously holds on to the values of an almost forgotten way of life, where tradition, continuity and perseverance still constitute the very fabric of life. As specialists in artisan, D.O.P., I.G.P. products, and an active supporter of The Slow Food Movement, Machiavelli sources its wide range of Italian goods, from small scale producers, farmers and cheese dairies scattered across the whole of the Italy, ensuring authentic origins without the use of chemicals and preservatives. Our restaurants use only the finest possible fresh ingredients and where possible seasonal, sustainable and organic meat, fish and produce with a focus on cooking contemporary Italian food with a rustic twist.